We play a lot of Factorio on a multiplayer server.

In the first version of the game, pollution was enabled and it caused our game to suffer to the point where it wasn't fun to play. We issued a few cheats to make the biters a little less violent, but still wanted the game achievements. The following is how to edit the save file after cheats have been issued, and to keep the achievements.

  1. Download the save file
  2. Make a backup version
  3. Load map on local machine and issue /c commands, save game and exit
  4. Extract level.dat and open in hex editor
  5. Search for 6A D8 40
  6. Find the next iteration of FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF 00 00 01 after the first search
  7. Change 01 to 00
  8. Place back in zip and verify change was successful
  9. Upload to server